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  • Nov 30 2016

    Find Local Foods for Holiday Meals and Gift Giving

    Looking for gifts that will really be appreciated this holiday season? Tired of giving “stuff” that contributes to household clutter and the waste stream?


    Fill up some gift baskets with delicious locally grown and made foods. There are lots of options available in Grey County. You can get beautiful gift baskets pre-made or custom-made from the following stores:

    Or pick up a selection of products from local producers at these holiday markets and make your own:

    You can also inspire family, friends (or yourself) to cook with delicious local foods year round from the Come to Our Table – South Georgian Bay Community Cookbook.

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  • Nov 29 2016

    Connecting the Dots from Farm Gates to Dinner Plates – Webinar today at NOON

    Live! Today @ Noon EST – Social License and Public Trust…connecting the dots from farm gates to dinner plates

    with Crystal Mackay, Farm & Food Care Canada

    Join Crystal Mackay for a look into the new Canadian Centre for Food Integrity public trust in food research with insights from moms, millennials and foodies. To earn public trust in food, these research insights need to be actionable. What can you do to improve your report card on public trust? Is social license the right benchmark to be chasing?

    Learn more about Farm & Food Care and their efforts as they build for this challenge of earning public trust in Canadian food and farming for the future, and what you can do to help make that happen.

    Click here to register for this webinar.

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  • Nov 24 2016

    Second Annual FLEdGE Regional Food Hub Survey Needs Your Input

    The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at Wilfrid Laurier University and researchers at the University of Guelph need your help to capture an accurate picture of food flowing through local food hubs in Ontario. This research is part of a suite of work being done by FLEdGE (Food: Locally Embedded, Globally Engaged) in partnership with universities and organizations across Ontario to support regional local food systems.

    Building on last year’s inaugural research into regional food systems in Ontario, this survey aims to gather information about food sales through hubs of all kinds over the last year.

    Link to SURVEY HERE.

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  • Nov 22 2016

    OTF Green People Action Area & Grow Grant Info Session Nov. 28 in Paisley


    Nov 28 – 1:00 pm to Nov 28 – 3:30 pm
    Address:  Paisley Legion, 338 Goldie St., Paisley, Ontario, N0G 2N0

    Environmental not-for-profit organizations in Grey Bruce Huron and Perth will find this session particularly helpful. 

    Join OTF’s Green People Action Area Strategy Lead Thea Silver along with GBHP Program Manager Aly Boltman for a detailed information session that drills down on OTF’s Green People Action Area, an integral part of OTF’s investment strategy. The session will be followed by tips for great Grow Grant applications.

    OTF’s Green People Action Area & Grow Grant Information Session

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  • Nov 16 2016

    Introducing Big Rock Bison Farm – Home of BUFF Bison Sticks

    Meet Mark and Heather Shouldice from Big Rock Bison Farm, home of BUFF Bison products:

    We started with our BUFF product – an all-natural, 100% Canadian bison, nutrient dense and satisfying snack. Something we created and branded ourselves. From that we have grown to a 200 acre farm and 74 bison and counting.

    Our 100% grass-fed bison happily graze on 200 acres of lush beautiful grass. They have free choice to mineral and salt supplements and drink gallons and gallons of clean water daily. Different cuts of bison meat will be available late November 2016. Our bison are rotated once a week to one of the 6 paddocks set up for them. This is done to keep them on the freshest green grass possible. In the winter months they eat grass and hay grown on the farm. Everything planted on our farm is non-GMO and our pastures are never sprayed. Keeping it natural and low stress is very important to us.

    Bison are a very hardy animal that require little human interaction. Which is less stress for all involved. We enjoy watching them do their thing, but they are never touched and because they are still wild we are always applying “safety first” rule and never go out on foot. Our bison are never given antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones (it’s actually illegal to give bison growth hormones!).

    Today, more than ever before, a growing number of people are experiencing the sweet richness of bison meat. It is becoming increasingly more popular in restaurants and dinner tables, bison is regularly part of a memorable eating experience.

    Fresh and frozen bison meat is now available at LAMBlicious.

    See the BUFF website here:


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  • Nov 16 2016

    Do You Know Outstanding Young Farmers? Nominate Them by January 2017!

    The Ontario Outstanding Young Farmer program begins each year with the nomination of farmers at the local level. Anyone can nominate a young farmer/farm couple for the regional recognition award and title of Ontario’s Outstanding Young Farmer as long as they meet the following program eligibility requirements:

    • Must be between the ages of 18 and 39
    • Be farm operators
    • Derive a minimum of two-thirds of their income from farming

    The top six regional winners will advance to a national competition later in the year.

    Nominations for the 2017 Award are now open. The nomination form is here. Forms are due no later than January 15, 2017.

    More info can be found here: 

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  • Nov 08 2016

    Cost of Eating Well – Grey Bruce Nutritious Food Basket Report 2016

    Results of the Nutritious Food Basket Survey have been released for 2016.

    The Nutritious Food Basket is a costing tool that estimates the cost of basic healthy eating using the current nutrition recommendations from Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide and food purchasing patterns described through the Canadian Community Health Survey 2.2.

    Find Grey Bruce results here, and see the stats and worksheet here.


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  • Nov 07 2016

    Localize Food App Provides Designation and Verification on-the-go

    The latest OntarioFresh newsletter features a profile on Localize, a company that allows producers and retailers to share information about their food with consumers. Localize allows producers to list relevant information (ie: proximity of producer to retailer, family-run or woman-owned business) and certifications (ie: organic designations, fair-trade, halal or kosher etc.) in one place.

    See the interview with founder Meaghan Dear here.

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  • Nov 01 2016

    New Guidelines for On-Farm Permitted Land Uses in Ontario

    Excerpted from:

    The Provincial Policy Statement, 2014 (PPS) protects prime agricultural areas for long-term agricultural use, and supports a thriving agricultural industry and rural economy by permitting a range of different uses on agricultural land. OMAFRA developed the document, Guidelines on Permitted Uses in Ontario’s Prime Agricultural Areas, to clearly outline the range of uses that are allowed in prime agricultural areas.

    The PPS permits a range of uses in Ontario’s prime agricultural areas: agricultural uses, agriculture-related uses and on-farm diversified uses. OMAFRA’s Guidelines on Permitted Uses in Ontario’s Prime Agricultural Areas are intended to help municipalities, decision-makers and farmers interpret PPS policies on permitted uses.

    Image of Guidelines on Permitted Uses in Ontario's Prime Agricultural Areas

    You can order a free copy of the Guidelines on Permitted Uses in Ontario’s Prime Agricultural Areas, Publication 851, through ServiceOntario, or download the digital version.

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  • Oct 21 2016

    Eat Local Grey Bruce AGM – October 22

    Eat Local Grey Bruce will host their FIRST AGM on October 22nd at St George’s Anglican Church in Owen Sound.
    The AGM is part of  an afternoon and evening which also includes a facility tour, dinner and panel discussion.


    • 3-4PM Open House, Warehouse (396 14th Street West, Owen Sound)
    • 4-6PM AGM, St George’s Anglican Church, Parish Hall
    • 6-7PM Dinner, St George’s Anglican Church, Parish Hall (Tickets available in our store)!
    • 7-8:30PM Panel discussion: Building a more sustainable food system – What roles can Eat Local, a one-stop distributor, play?

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